About School

We are tango school with tradition.

Our members are one of the first tango dancers in Slovenia.


We believe Argentinean tango has to be learnt slowly and with pleasure.

Learning tango is a cycle. Again and again we return to basics. Each time we understand them better and adopt them more strongly.

Mastery of any tango element is based on good knowledge of basics and its use.


How to start dancing tango?

You enter a beginners’ class. Classes usually run once a week for two hours two consecutive months. Sometimes we have intensive classes, too. You register with a partner; our experience shows it easier at the beginning. But you can also register without a partner and we'll try to find you one.

What will I learn?

At the beginners’ class you'll get to know short history of tango, the embrace, basic steps, communication, improvisation, two-four, three-four and four-four time (tango, vals, milonga) and social behaviour at milongas (evenings, where we dance tango).

When do I become a tango dancer?

After your first tango lesson you become milonguero/milonguera; that is a dancer who dances at milongas. At milongas you meet other dancers of different levels. With them you practice what you’ve learned. You get to know new, interesting people but mostly you enjoy yourself. You fall in love with tango, you enter intermediate classes and you broaden your tango experience at workshops with domestic and foreign teachers.

What to wear?

You put on comfortable clothes that breath and do not interfere with your movement and walking. Namely, tango is by definition a walk in an embrace. Your shoes are comfortable and have leather sole that help your step to slide nicely.