Who we are


Tango.si is a society of dancers of Argentinean tango.


If we don't dance somewhere in the wide tango world, you find us in Ljubljana.

Tango.si society


We are a non-profitable society. Our main aim is to spread the Argentinean tango; the real tango, dreamy and hearty, that quietly happens between two dancers.

You can call us tango gang which organizes courses, workshops with domestic and foreign maestros, tango weekends, regular and special milongas in Ljubljana and other Slovene cities.

At our milongas, we often host foreign DJs, and you can hear your favourite songs.

Our milongas are traditional: we respect other couples on the dance floor, we skilfully zigzag between tangos, waltzes and milongas and invite each other with cabeseo.

We dance in close, intimate embrace, we are milongueros.


We try to offer our visitors as much as possible for a moderate price; our main principle is a cosy company and a dance in a relaxed atmosphere.