• November 23 - 25
  • ..milonguero weekend with workshops and milongas..


..milonguero weekend with workshops and milongas..

We proudly announce tango weekend of excellent WORKSHOPS with young and dynamic Argentinian maestros Ismael Ludman & Maria Mondino and unforgettable MILONGAS with international DJ`s.


Milongas schedule

Fri. Nov 23rd: 22.00 - 03.00 Milonga Tabor - dj Goran Nikšić (Cro)
Sat. Nov 24th: 22.00 - 04.00 Milonga ZZ with show of maestros - dj Artur Paulo (Port)
Sun. Nov 25th: 19.00 - 24.00 Milonga Skyscraper - dj Ismael&Maria (Arg)


Workshops schedule

20.00 – 21.30 Connection and fluidity: Organic and technical tools for entering into Milonguero embrace and moving comfortably and joyfully.

13.00 – 14.30 Technique: Study of the frontal embrace technique in walking, rebounding and turning.
14.45 – 16.15 Application of the technique from the previous class to specific movements using the »cadencia«. Focusing on levels, dynamics, anticipation and paying attention to very useful tips that make the movement feel and look different.

13.00 – 14.30 Musicality 1: From basic rhythm to syncopation. How and when to use them with regard to different types of music.
14.45 – 16.15 Musicality 2: From melodic lines to phrasing. Applying phrasing to Tangos, Valses and Milongas.

** Classes are suitable for All Levels! (Except absolute beginners)
** You can attend 2nd classes on Saturday & Sunday only if you also attend 1st class of the same day, because it is a continuation of a story



1 class = 25€
2 classes = 45€
3X = 60€
4X = 75€
5X = 85€ (take advantage of this discounted package price!!)


Friday milonga TABOR:
members 10€, non-members 12€ (drinks & snacks included)

Saturday milonga ZZ with teachers’ show:
members 13€, non-members 15€

Sunday farewell milonga SKYSCRAPER: 3€


Mateja Majcen
tel: +386 (0)40 416-879


Friday: Milonga TABOR and workshop - Kotnikova ulica 4, Ljubljana
Saturday and Sunday workshops: Center Premik, Neubergerjeva 9
Saturday milonga ZZ: Etno Club ZLATI ZOB, Zaloška cesta 69
Sunday milonga at Skyscraper: Štefanova ulica 1



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Fresh, dynamic and energetic couple. Their performances show pure simplicity as well as a complex and personal interpretation of the music, both in traditional and modern tango. As teachers they combine the precision of the technical and mechanical perspective of the movements with the abstract world of sensations and feelings. In their classes they start from the strong and simple basics to move forward to complexity in an organic way. They understand a pedagogic experience as a "body-mind"-interchange between students and teachers.

Maria Mondino started her tango career in 1998, began to work with Gustavo Naveira in 2001, and has been studying with Chicho Frumboli, Eugenia Parilla, and Pablo Inza. The style she is interested in and trying to develop as well as promote, is the result of a search: the idea of generating consciousness of the movement, the systematization of concepts, as well as a clear and defined pedagogy. She never stops searching for even more quality and organic movement, as well as warmth, expressiveness and connection in the dance. Since 1999 she teaches workshops in Buenos Aires and in Europe on a regular basis.

Ismael Ludman belongs to a generation of young Argentine dancers. His curiosity led him to study tango with a great diversity of schools and teachers in Buenos Aires, always being in search of a dynamical, improvised and organic tango. Besides from tango he has also been active in other artistic disciplines as Contact Improvisation, Eutonia, Butoh and Dance-Theatre. Ismael is searching for a tango with a particular emphasis on communication, a relaxed way of dancing, and expressiveness. In addition to Buenos Aires, he has been active as dancer, teacher and organizer in almost all the Europe.