Dias De Juventud 7th Edition

  • June 1nd - 3th, 2018

    Welcome to our encuentro milonguero!

    We'll be dancing on wooden floors with excellent DJs in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


encuentro milonguero

June 1nd - 3th, 2018


Dear milongueros, welcome to Ljubljana!
We'll be dancing on wooden floors with excellent DJs in a warm and friendly atmosphere.



photo: Zoltan Nemeth






Sasa Vukelić (CRO)
Alexander Palchikovskiy (UKR)
Paola Nocitango (ITA)
Balazs Gyenis (HUN)



Stage under the stars, Puppet theatre Ljubljana
entrance at the tunnel, 3rd floor
Krekov trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana



Friday, June 1nd from 20.00 until 21:00 Registration

Friday, June 1nd from 21.00 until 03.00  Sasa Vukelić (CRO)
Saturday, June 2rd from 15.00 until 19.00  Alexander Palchikovskiy (UKR)
Saturday, June 2rd from 22.00 until 04.00  Paola Nocitango (ITA)
Sunday, June 3th from 14.00 until 20.00  Balazs Gyenis (HUN)



We dance in close embrace and invite by mirada and cabeceo. We respect the ronda and strongly disapprove of disturbing others dancers. We like to dance with different participants and respect all couples on the dancefloor.

Please note: this event is for experienced dancers only.
We reserve the right to decide, who gets accepted. Experienced dancers and those registered in couples will have the advantage.



Milonga package 75€. Snacks and drinks are included in all milongas.

REGISTRATION (please, read carefully)

Registration will open on Saturday, 13th of January at 21:00.
You can register for the full package only. To register use the form at the end of this page. The form is for one person only. In the form write the name of your dancing partner, too. Your dancing partner has to register separately. Registrations without a partner will be on the waiting list. When/If a solo dancer is available, we will let you know. If your registration is correct, you will receive a generated response confirming your registration. This is NOT a confirmation of acceptance. When/If you are accepted, payment instructions will be sent to your e-address, provided at the registration.

Registrations are opened! 


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